Now that I am retired from secondary education, I have the luxury of spending many hours each day educating myself in artistic mediums.  The purpose of this site is to showcase my efforts, and, if perchance, someone wants to make a purchase, to provide a means of contact.

My Sweet Addictions

For the past four years I have addictively used Frederick Slijkerman's amazing fractal software, Ultra Fractal. With the help of kind people on the Ultra Fractal email list and of Janet Parke in her Fractal Art Classes at the Visual Arts Academy, I've steadily improved my ability to use Ultra Fractal as a deliberate tool of artistic expression.  My fractal art gallery represents many hours of enjoyable deliberation.
In addition to making fractal images, for the past year I've been learning to sculpt in clay under the guidance of Wayne Pelke.  I'm especially interested in figurative sculpture and hope to model pieces that suggest movement, joy and laughter. Please keep in mind that the pieces in my gallery are those of an enthusiastic, but beginning, sculptor.

Other Interests

I enjoy floral arranging, sewing, painting, quilting and working with stained glass.  In the future, I hope to work in concrete sculpture. 

I have included pictures of projects in some of these areas in as well galleries of my  fractal art  which is copyrighted.  I have also included a gallery of royalty free photographs of clouds which you are free to download for any use, including commercial.
If you have comments or suggestions, or if you would like to purchase a print or clay sculpture, please feel free to contact me at fanciful99@bellsouth.net.

Thanks for visiting!
                                                    Diane Walker